Have questions? We all do. Drop us a line, we want to hear your ideas and help bring them to life!

PHONE: 1+ (416) 728 1257

EMAIL: [email protected]


What are your cost rates?
Unless otherwise stated, my rates are fluid, meaning that they depend on several factors:

– how many hours/days of services are needed?

– is there a need for filming or video editing or both?

– how much gear is involved?

– is the filming in the Greater Toronto Area or  outside of that region?

– how simple or complex is the video editing required?

For an accurate Project Estimate please contact me and describe your video needs in as much detail as possible.

Do you have a minimum rate?
Yes, for video projects the half-day minimum is $500 and includes one camera + operator + filming time/setup time of up to 4 hours total. Any extra hours or gear will increase the production value and therefore the cost of the Project.

Are your rates negotiable?
Yes, once you have communicated your video needs, I will let you know the cost rate to make it happen. If your budget is not accommodating for the cost of the Project, then I can re-estimate the Project based on your communicated budget and subtract features and production value to match the budget. If the budget is met but you feel too much production value is sacrificed, then this is an indicator that you might need a student or beginner Videographer instead of a professional.

What areas and cities do you service?
I am currently in the Greater Toronto Area, but available for travelling opportunities. 

Do you work alone?
I am a solo entrepreneur that has connections with other professional Videographers and can assemble a team to service larger Projects.

Do you offer drone services?
Yes, I own a drone and I am a fully licensed operator. And in case of FPV drone requirements, I have a connection for that as well.

Do you offer 4K?
Yes, I offer content in 4k, 4:2:2, 10-bit video

Do you work on evenings and weekends?
Yes, if my schedule permits it, I can be booked for evening or weekend events.

Do you own gear or do you rent?
I have my own gear covering most Videography needs. If something additional is required, I will rent it and add the cost to the Invoice.

Why do you use Scope of Work/Contracts?
To protect the Client and the Videographer. Contracts ensure requirements and goals are clearly communicated and documented between the two parties, as well as provide legal peace of mind in exceptional circumstances.

Why do you charge 13% GST?
I am operating as a registered legal business in Ontario, Canada, and as such am obligated by the CRA to charge 13% HST on Projects. This money goes to the government, it does not stay in my pocket. HST/GST is standard business tax for any well established business.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?
Sometimes, feel free to contact me and inquire a discount for your particular video needs.