AmalgaMOTION (Full Documentary)

It’s been a long road to finally releasing this project, but I’m so proud and excited to present, “AmalgaMOTION: Story Of The Dance”. This project was such a growing experience for myself (including getting my first Director’s credit on IMBD) and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have connected with so many amazing people, most […]

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KODAK Mini Shot 3 Project

I get offers to check out different kinds of products, some photo/video related, and some having nothing to do with me, so exactly why I’m careful with who I endorse. So with that all said, when the legacy company of all cameras, Kodak, reached out, I said let’s do it! The team at Kodak wanted

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I’m often hard on myself about all the things I haven’t done instead of taking stock on what all that I have done, and I know I’m not the only one out there doing this…. But December coming to a close helps put the year in perspective, and I’ve been going over everything that I

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In what’s becoming somewhat of a tradition, I was back again this November filming for Manulife’s annual “AM Update” event, taking place at their downtown Toronto headquarters. It’s always such a pleasure to work with Carmelina Manno and the team at Manulife, and they were very pleased with the final video, so check it out


Nelnor Construction

It’s not often I shoot real estate type content, but when the good people of Nelnor Construction asked me to capture their stunning work, I couldn’t resist! Especially as some of the properties were in the Muskoka region of Ontario, and it’s just so beautiful up there. I also shot some of the commercial buildings

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WAF @ Dundas Square

Last week’s celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday (@ Dundas Sq., Toronto) was one of many going on around the world, but I was so stoked to be part of this one! Bringing out many of Toronto’s legendary peoples, I was on hand to capture photography of headliner Choclair & Saukrates, but also can’t forget

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Choir! Choir! Choir!

In what was another new experience for me, I had the chance to witness 2000 people simultaneously singing Queen songs, while filming for the group, Choir! Choir! Choir! Taking place on May 7th at the Centre in the Square (Kitchener/Waterloo, ON.), the 2-piece band also featured a guest appearance from Steven Tyler, the drummer from

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Samplibrary [Commercial]

I recently connected with Chris Collins and his company, Samplibrary, which specializes in providing top quality sound effects and audio libraries to creators of all kinds. Chris was looking for a commercial spot to showcase his business and workflow, so we set out to create some cool visuals to support his ideas, and here’s what

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Merkules Live in Hamilton

If you happen to have been paying attention to the Canadian Hip Hop scene in recent years, you’ll know the name Merkules, an artist from Vancouver, BC who’s been grabbing attention from the whole industry. Last week Merk came through Hamilton, ON and haven connected with him and his team before, they had me come

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Wintersong Festival 2023

Always looking to heat things up in these cold months, I was excited to recently film coverage for the 2023 Wintersong Festival in Stouffville, Ontario. There was over 100 bands performing at 15 venues for the two day event, and I hustled between every location to capture as much of it as possible, so check

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R E W I N D 2 0 2 2

In what was a transitional year for me, moving from BC back to a Ontario, I been feeling like I didn’t do enough. But then in creating this recap reel, I realized how much I actually did do, and how much I grew with it all. Much love to ALL of you showing support around

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Moving To Ontario!

It’s been an incredible year and a half living on the west coast of Canada (again), and while I love the life of being here, my work keeps calling me back to Ontario. So I’m headed out on another cross country drive, the 10th in this car of mine, and I’m looking forward to all

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The New Vlog Content!

It’s been a long time in the making but I’ve finally taken the first step in getting some vlogging content up on my youtube channel! Ever since my roadtrip to California in 2016 when I filmed “The Beautiful Escape” (on GoPro cameras), I’ve wanted to get back into documenting my work, life, and travels. Of

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Del Vinyl Photoshoot BTS

Back with a second post in one week! This time a behind-the-scenes video for the crew at Del Vinyl Entertainment and their photoshoot at the Guildwood Inn, in Scarborough, Ontario. Showing up in their best duds, the team of DJ Rob Greedo, DJ Sean Law, DJ/MC Octavio OC, and Rob Fresh Air Flo were ready

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30 Days In B.C.

In early July of last summer, I packed the Jetta and headed west for the umpteeth time, staying first in Vancouver, and then splitting my time between Kelowna and other areas. Over the next few weeks, I stayed busy shooting up a storm with all my cameras, droning all over the place and adventuring with

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Moon & Back Gallery

While it’s been a winter of mostly hibernation, I can’t ever let a good location go unused, and so once I found out about the Moon and Back Gallery here in Vancouver, I had to check it out! Stopping by for just an hour visit with my friend Nadine, we were able to snap some

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Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver BC

With all the experience I gained shooting 70 movie theatres across Canada in 2017 (for Cineplex Odeon), it was quite the recent pleasure to capture the freshly renovated Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver, BC. The owners started their ambitious project over 3 years ago, fully restoring the beautiful heritage building, and giving it the most incredible

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On to 2021…

While it’s safe to stay we’re all ready for 2020 to be gone and a new year of positive possibilities to come, I think it’s still important to be grateful for even getting another year on this thing we call earth, and try to find happiness in just having the necessities. Maybe easier said than

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Black Honey Bakery

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the good people’s at Black Honey Bakery, which operates in Peterborough, Ontario, and I really enjoyed putting together this promotional video for them. I saw first hand how hard owner Lisa and her crew work on everything they touch, which also includes delivery of wedding cakes, so

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Maestro Fresh Wes – Canadian Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame Induction

Last Thursday night was an iconic moment for Hip Hop in Canada. Celebrating the 30 year anniversary, the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes and “Let Your Backbone Slide” were inducted into the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall Of Fame, and should be noted, the first ever “Rap” song to have this honour! Taking place at the Phoenix Concert

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Greasy Business Wrap-Up

2 months, 6 provinces, and 24 shows later, I’m pleased to say the Greasy Business Canada Tour was a huge success!  In case you missed what I was up to recently, I’ve been traveling with Hip Hop artist Snak The Ripper, along with Lil Windex/DTG & Quake Matthews, for their cross country tour, with me

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Elevated Stylist Retreat

Before heading off on-tour a few weeks ago, I worked on a commercial project for ‘The Elevated Stylist Retreat’, Canada’s first-ever all inclusive educational and wellness retreat combined into a weekend just for hair-stylists. Getting the opportunity to shoot on location at Camp Manitou in Muskoka, Ontario in the end of August was a fun

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Pizza Fest 2019

Once again being fortunate to film another festival that involves one of my favourite foods, Pizza Fest 2019 in Vaughan was quite the party! Taking place July 12-14 at Interchange Park, it was a great weekend filled with food, games, and performances from DJ Pauly D & Vinny (from Jersey Shore), C&C Music Factory, The

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90’s Nostalgia Concert

Last Saturday evening was the biggest show I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming, and it was something special to say the least! Easily over 10,000 screaming and dancing fans having the time of their lives, as you’ll see from all my captures…. Going down at Interchange Park in Vaughan, Ontario, “The 90’s Nostalgia Concert”

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The Burger Fest 2019

I am a fan of many foods, and burgers are high on that list, so when presented with the opportunity to capture all the fun going down at The Burger Fest 2019 in Vaughan, Ontario, I was all in! The festival not only included a ton of vendors with delicious burgers, but also some great

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Eurotrip Spring 2019

It’s been a cold, snowy, polar-vortexing kind of winter here in Toronto the past few months, and my keen sense of adventure and exploring has been suffering with all the hibernation… But today that all changes, as I’m headed back to Europe for a month long tour! As I mentioned here a couple weeks ago,

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The New Website!

Good morning peoples, and welcome to the all new redesigned! After a couple weeks of re-learning website-building, I’m very excited to show everyone what I’ve been working at, along with help from a talented associate, Jesse Smith, and I feel this a much better capture of where I’m currently at. This new website really

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D.O. Gibson “EPK 2019”

I always enjoy getting the opportunity to shadow and capture someone doing their job/ sport/ etc., as I get to step into their world for a day and experience it as they would. This was especially true getting to recently work with Rapper and Motivational Speaker, Duane “D.O.” Gibson on his Stay Driven Winter 2019

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VR Headspace @NHES 2019

Trying my hand at some different in the video world, I attended the National Heavy Equipment Show last week to work with VR Headspace, an innovative development company that creates cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training simulations. Scott, Shelley, and their whole team were great to work with, and they really loved the

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Vessi Footwear

Back in January of this winter, the Vancouver-based, Vessi Footwear reached out to me to produce a promo commercial in Toronto for their incredible waterproof shoe. So with the help of Jesse Smith to host our experiment, check out what the results were from the Dry Shoe Challenge! Filmed & Edited: Lee Solo Project Manager:

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“Champagne Campaign”

Last Friday night at the Broadview Hotel in downtown Toronto, I was on hand and fortunate to be filming for Maestro Fresh Wes, and his “Champagne Campaign” Listening Party. The event was a cool gathering of people, who got a sneak peak at the new album, and I had a great time capturing all the festivities.

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Friday Fam (Vol. 1)

 The older I get, the more I appreciate solid friendships. So last year while living in Vancouver, I made some life-long bonds with people I’m missing everyday, to not be around to adventure with, specifically, on Friday’s. It was always a great time chillin’ with like-minded people, all of us creating in our own

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