July 2016

Well that was fun!

I honestly don’t think I can fully properly put into words how grateful I am for last night. It’s been a whirlwind of a year (or so) and to have so many people come out to support the movement… well it’s incredibly heartwarming. While I greatly enjoyed adventuring on the road for 5 months by […]

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While I was out in Los Angeles this past winter, I had an idea to get creative with a photo-series featuring people wearing masks. I was able to get most of the content while I was out there, but got delayed in having to re-shoot some things back in Canada, and why it’s taken till

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Roadtrip Adventures Pt.9

Good morning, and let me start this off with a big thank you to everyone for the great response yesterday with the trailer for “The Beautiful Escape” Documentary (premiering next Thursday night). It’s awesome to hear all your feedback, and stoked to show off the rest of this project along with my vision for things

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Roadtrip Adventures Pt.8

I left San Francisco on a beautiful morning (catching the most amazing sunrise at Twin Peaks), and headed north towards, well, Canada… It was going well, enjoying the drive up the California coast along Hwy.#1, chatting with cows and some cool french guy at a cafe in the middle of nowhere. Then things took a shitty

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Roadtrip Adventures Pt.7

You’ll have to excuse repeating myself in always saying this, but it really is just absolutely amazing what all you can see and experience in California as far as the varying landscapes, and weather. I left SoCal wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and by the time I was closing in on San Francisco (which is

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