AmalgaMOTION (Full Documentary)

It’s been a long road to finally releasing this project, but I’m so proud and excited to present, “AmalgaMOTION: Story Of The Dance”.

This project was such a growing experience for myself (including getting my first Director’s credit on IMBD) and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have connected with so many amazing people, most specifically, Adam Daniel Mezei, who was an executive producer on both the main dance video, along with the accompanying documentary.

This all went down in June of 2023, over two very long nights at Millworks Creative Studio in Dundas, ON., where the crew and 12 dancers of 12 different genres, all worked to create something magical! And along with the production, my team (Ava Wild, Sean Caesar, and myself) ran a second production shooting the documentary.

It was a busy summer putting together that 30 minute feature, and which has been making some rounds in the film festival circuit, and is now available for public viewing! Check the (full documentary) video above, as well as the documentary trailer below.

– Solo