September 2016

Roadtrip to Pittsburgh!

As most of you are likely aware of, I Love Roadtripping! Especially to somewhere new, which in traveling to Pittsburgh felt like something new, having only seen it for 24 hours when I was 13 years old. I also always enjoy adventuring with the homie Justin Main (aka the infamous @photified), as we travel well […]

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Classified’s “Beautiful Escape” Tour 2016!

If you’ve been following all the cool shit I’ve been posting that last couple months, you’ve likely caught my documentary video “The Beautiful Escape”, and the trailer/highlight reel, featuring Classified’s song, “The Beautiful Escape”. So now I’m excited to say that I’ll be joining Classified’s “Beautiful Escape Tour” as of tonight in Hamilton, and will

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KOTD – World Domination 6

Hello everyone!  I haven’t been posting here as much over the last couple weeks, as I’ve been outside making the most of (what’s left of) this summer weather! I’ve also been busy shooting all kinds of cool things, including last weekend’s big KOTD event, World Domination 6! In case you aren’t already familiar with King

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