Roadtrip Adventures Pt.9

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Good morning, and let me start this off with a big thank you to everyone for the great response yesterday with the trailer for “The Beautiful Escape” Documentary (premiering next Thursday night). It’s awesome to hear all your feedback, and stoked to show off the rest of this project along with my vision for things in general 😉

On another note, I’m back with more photos from the road, and some stories to go along. Which, to be honest, there’s so much that happened to me in any given day while on this trip, it’s hard to remember it all,,, and why photos/video was key…

From the moment I crossed over the state line from California to Oregon, it started pouring rain. Again, as that’s mostly what it did on the way down to California. So I decided since I wasn’t seeing much by the coast, I’d go inland to Portland and check out some bridges. And wow do they ever got bridges! Like over 20 I think, so I had a great time exploring all through the night and capturing reflections along the Willamette River. I also made the drive out to Multnomah Falls, once to take photos… and then back at 2am, in the pitch black, while raining, looking for the GoPro camera I’m pretty sure I lost there. And searching in a dark forest at 2am for 40 mins, I never found it, so hence no footage of Multnomah in my video(s)…

After Portland, Oregon, I headed EAST to the border of Washington and Idaho, to a little town called Pullman. This was a fair ways out of my way since I was going back west and into Vancouver, but I had special reason to drive 9 hours in the wrong direction, and that was my instagram friend, Emma Hall. We’ve been following each other for years, and always said we should shoot together if ever in same vicinity… And since I so happen to be on this side of the continent, why not! And we had a great day, exploring this University of Washington town, and shooting some cool stuff in very windy conditions 😉

And then, back west to Seattle, where I camped out for a few days and figured out my options (which ended up being one…) and snapped only a few photos cause IT WOULDN’T STOP RAINING. Seriously, that shit is depressing.

Fortunately, I got out of Seattle, and then Bellingham (those local police officers are really stretching on things to do…..) and over the damn border (in a very expensive cab) and back into Canada!!!!

And back to BC, which I will be posting up next…

– Solo

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