“Beautiful Escape” Trailer Drops Tomorrow!


Ok folks, excited to finally announce things! 

Back in January, while driving from LA to Vegas, I was taking in the (amazing) new Classified album, and came along the song, “Beautiful Escape”. It struck more than a few chords with me, and realized it would be the central music to whatever video project I put together from my trip. It then made even more sense when I made it back to Vancouver in time for Classified’s show, and got to wild out on stage!

Cut to a few months later, with a 25 min documentary ready, and a 4 minute trailer/highlight reel featuring “Beautiful Escape”, I’m super pumped to not only have Class & Universal Music Canada’s co-sign, but then Classy asked to use one of my photos for the official single artwork! So yeah. So gooooood!!


– Solo