Si Systems [Recruitment Video]

As you may have seen from my bts posts a couple months back, I’ve been working on a corporate video production for the multi-national company, Si Systems. They have an amazing team and wanted to capture a “day in the life” feel to their video, so we got busy shooting all over Toronto and Vancouver… and here’s what we put together!

Big thank you’s to everyone involved in the production, it was a collaborative effort that I’m proud to have been part of.

Director/Producer: Lee Solo
Co-Producer: Andrea Romanczuk
Consultants: Sharon Forestor & Jeff Cartwright
DP/Editor: Lee Solo
1st AD/AC: Sean Caesar
2nd AD/AC: Dougal D.
Makeup/Hair (Toronto): Erin Hill
Makeup/Hair (Vancouver): Jaclyn Rusnak
Covid Compliance: Brent Hayman
FPV Drone: Sean Caesar


– Solo