Friday Fam (Vol. 1)

The older I get, the more I appreciate solid friendships. So last year while living in Vancouver, I made some life-long bonds with people I’m missing everyday, to not be around to adventure with, specifically, on Friday’s. It was always a great time chillin’ with like-minded people, all of us creating in our own separate way, but ultimately enjoying the company of each other, so I had to put together this video of our crew, the Friday Fam.

Side note: I’m a stickler for image quality, so I wanna preface this saying most of this video was shot on my backup camera (canon t4i) as my full frame camera went into the ocean in May 😔, and also on my Tello (baby) drone, so while I always want as best image quality as possible, this is what I had to capture things. Fortunately I have better gear again and can’t wait to be back out in BC for the next round!

– Solo