Snak The Ripper European Tour

If you’ve been watching my social media accounts, you’re likely already in the know, but I’m just finally catching up on things around here… as in a most awesome turn of events, the day after finishing the tour across Canada with Classified and the crew, I got to fly out to Europe to join Snak The Ripper for his tour!

Snak had already done two shows out there before I was able to make it there, so I caught up with him and his crew in Zurich, Switzerland for their 3rd show, and continued along with them for 8 shows in 7 countries over the next 2 weeks. I’ve never been across the pond so it was an opportunity I was very excited for, especially since Snak’s fans our ridiculously energetic and I knew it was gonna be amazing to see.

From Switzerland to Denmark to Sweden to Estonia to Hungary to Austria to Czech Republic, we all had the most crazy experience. Meeting so many cool people, eating weird but awesome food, and fanatical fans who sold out almost every single show. You really need to watch these videos that I shot and edited to get a sense of it all!

Big shout outs to Snak for involving me in this amazing trip in promotion of his new album “Off The Rails”, along with his DJ, D-REC, and his tour manager, Marc Goatley. And much love to every person who held us down along the way, as the love out there was something I’ll never forget.

Check all the videos below, and click HERE for some photos from the tour!

– Solo