D.O. Gibson “EPK 2019”

I always enjoy getting the opportunity to shadow and capture someone doing their job/ sport/ etc., as I get to step into their world for a day and experience it as they would. This was especially true getting to recently work with Rapper and Motivational Speaker, Duane “D.O.” Gibson on his Stay Driven Winter 2019 Tour.

I’ve known about D.O. & his school presentations, but never knew what exactly they were all about, so I was very interested to follow him around to multiple elementary and high schools, and create a documentation of the whole experience. As you’ll see from the video above, D.O. discussions on Black Canadian History, as well as Anti-Bullying and Leadership programs, are very well received by staff and students, and I felt fortunate to be part of this project.

Check out more about the Stay Driven program at staydriven.com

– Solo