Maestro Fresh Wes “Jurassic Park”

If you happen to be from the city of Toronto, you’re likely going as crazy as I am right now for our Toronto Raptors basketball team! History is being made, as this is the first ever NBA Finals for our team, and also historically the first ever NBA Finals played outside the United States. Myself being a huge basketball fan, most especially of the Raptors, I can barely contain my excitement for every game of these playoffs!

So with all that said, I was very stoked for the idea legendary Canadian Rapper/Actor, Maestro Fresh Wes came to me with, explaining he wanted to do a music video for one of his tracks, “Jurassic Park”. And so we made that shit happen before Game 1, with filming of Maestro’s parts done by myself, and editing of the whole thing done by Flux Vision.

So check the video above, and Go Raptors Go!!!