“Off The Rails Europe Tour Part 2” Wrap-Up

As I return from another European Tour with West Coast rapper, Snak The Ripper, I’m realizing that the experiences along the way happen so often and so fast, it’s hard to remember, much less try to keep track of it all. Fortunately my position in the crew is capturing as much as possible through photos and videos, so I actually feel lucky to go back through my memory cards and see all the moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

Arriving first in Hamburg, Germany on April 24th, we spent the next 3 weeks in a sprinter tour van (which I kinda loved) and the last week taking tons of flights (which I didn’t love)… we travelled from Germany to Switzerland, then back to Germany, then Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, and finished it all off in Helsinki, Finland.

Every single one of those shows was incredible, with amazing fans who’s energy you just can’t feed off. Snak has really built an awesome base of followers of his music and it’s a filmmaker’s dream to have crowds who give you so much action.

But most of all, it’s the bond and stories to be told about our crew that shared stages, vehicles, hotel rooms, beds, tables, boats, and everything else along the way through 8 foreign countries. That’s something I’ll always be so appreciative of, and big shout outs to of course to the man himself, Snak the Ripper, along with his DJ and trinket collector, D-REC, and the tour manager extraordinaire Marc Goatley who held us all down. Also much respect to all the boys of iLL.LEGITIMATE, as they were the official opening act for the tour, and those dudes hustled their asses off, along with other favourable mentions to Perry, Carlos, Omar, and all the promoters who treated us so well.

Like I said, I was in charge of shooting all these videos, and getting the edits back out just as fast as recording them, so check out all 14 shows below, as well as some behind the scenes photos.

Until the next the adventure….