Greasy Business Wrap-Up

2 months, 6 provinces, and 24 shows later, I’m pleased to say the Greasy Business Canada Tour was a huge success! 

In case you missed what I was up to recently, I’ve been traveling with Hip Hop artist Snak The Ripper, along with Lil Windex/DTG & Quake Matthews, for their cross country tour, with me working as official photographer/videographer. 

We took off from Vancouver, BC in late August and returned home last week, so I’m just catching up on all the photos from along the way, and stoked for y’all to see some of the behind the scenes moments I captured. And of course, check all those recap videos (below) I made for each show! 

Lastly, just wanted to say thanks to all the amazing people I met across the country, and send much love to everyone in our tour squad, as we made one hell of an awesome team. Much respect Snak, Lil Windy, Quaker, D-Rec, Johnny Bombdrums, The Goat, Jordan Graystone, Known, and Big Mike. 

Till next time! 

– Solo