Superkick’d 420 Show

Last fall I had the opportunity to shoot my first Wrestling Show, for a Toronto group called Superkick’d. I would say amateur wrestling, but these guys are not very amateur at all! And so when they requested my services again for their big 420 Event, and I happen to be back in Toronto, I said hell yeah!

Going down at The Great Hall on Friday, April 20th, the show was action-packed with all kinds of high-flying stunts, so many broken tables, and other general mayhem. For me as a photographer, it definitely can be challenging to get the great shots, but also not get in the way of a flying body coming at you (especially once they’ve come outside the ring onto the floor). It becomes this fine-line-dance I play with the wrestlers and the audience 😉

I captured so many images that night, and here’s a few of them!

– Solo