Bad Intentions w/ Jenna LaRose

If you’re on this site, you likely already know my love for photography… But video is something more new to me, especially the editing part, and exactly why I wanted to get going with things and start making cool shit!

And what better person to connect with but Miss Jenna LaRose, who always owns it in photos, and turns out, video too 😉

The music featured is “Bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton, and it was her music video that inspired us for this shoot in the graffiti alleyways of Queen Street West, Toronto.

Check the video and the photos below!

– Solo

1J0A5858 edit 1

1J0A5873 edit 2

1J0A5863 edit 1

1J0A5843 edit 1

1J0A5896 edit 2

1J0A5890 edit 2

1J0A5891 edit 2

1J0A5904 edit 2

1J0A5923 edit 3

1J0A5939 edit 2

1J0A5940 edit 2

1J0A5946 edit 2

1J0A5950 edit 2

1J0A5964 edit 3

1J0A5971 edit 2