Can Cun, Mexico!

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Buenos dias! For anyone who hasn’t caught things over on my fb or instagram accounts, I’m in Cancun Mexico for the next few months!

I was fortunate enough to escape the impending cold weather of Toronto, and escaped to sunny (and very hot) Mexico to come work with some photographers down here, and shoot a variety of content which I’m very excited about!

The last couple nights have been fairly chill, getting used to my surroundings and trying to speak a lick of spanish, though to be honest, I suck. I barely passed Grade 9 French class, and my linguistic skills haven’t improved much since… but I’m trying!

Aside from all that, I went out last night to shoot something other than the beach (which I will likely be having many photos of shortly), so for now check out some lights streams down on the infamous strip and stay tuned for much more coming soon!

– Solo

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