Lucky Cat Mob

While passing through Montreal this past August, I had the fortune of finally collaborating with the infamous, DannyGirl, a local photographer who’s been making quite the name for herself over the past 10 years. And I’m lucky enough to call her a friend.

Danny has recently expanded her world of awesomeness to a new clothing & accessories company called, Lucky Cat Mob, and along with business partner Mz.Jenn, they’re featuring some really cool products! So once Mike and I hit Montreal, we hooked up with Danny and model Lauren Jiles at Cobra (the coolest bar ever) for a photoshoot featuring a number of purses, earrings, a tank top, and an cat-eye-gauger keychain, that all will be available through Lucky Cat Mob.

Check out the official website HERE, and come back for more product releases happening in the coming weeks!

– Solo