Exploring Kelowna w/ Brianna Winrow

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When I drove through Kelowna, British Columbia last fall, it was pouring rain so hard I could barely see 10 feet in front of my headlights, much less trying to see out my side windows in the dark. So basically I missed how freakin’ beautiful it is! Fortunately I was able to stop through again on my way back to Toronto, and even more fortunately, get to shoot and chill with the lovely Miss Brianna Winrow.

If you happen to follow me on insta or fb, you’ve likely caught some of the magic we captured that day, but let me tell you, we got so much more! I’m big on energy, in general, but especially with any kind of collaborative artistry, and Brianna and I just clicked too create some of my favourite shots ever. Also doesn’t hurt she’s so gorgeous 😉

More on the way…

– Solo

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