Roadtrip Adventures Pt.6

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The first time I travelled to California a year before this roadrip, I went by plane, and didn’t rent a car, so I was mostly limited to the Los Angeles area. But this time, I had my car, and boy did I get around! Especially in Orange County, as I stayed there before my Vegas trip and then went back again after Vegas… Because wow, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and everywhere along there is freakin’ gorgeous! Totally different vibe than up in Venice and Santa Monica, as The OC is much more relaxed, and much of it very wealthy, so I felt very fortunate to stay with some friends who had the most awesome beach house, right beside the pier in Newport Beach. As pictured below, Alex Brown and Noah Borden (of the infamous Dollar Beard Club) were two of the people I appreciated most on this trip, as they welcomed me in like fam and we partied like no tomorrow lol. Very good times.

Another person you’ll see in the photos below (and more on the way!) is Ashley Harrington. She’s actually Canadian (and an actress) so I obviously wanted meet up 😉 And we had a great day shooting photos, video, and driving up and down the coast with a convertible mustang we rented for the day… Cause ya know, just made sense!

In general, every day in Newport and surrounding areas was amazing. Surfers, bikinis, clubs, soooo many sunsets to absolutely die for, and a ton of other things that you see below, and again, will catch more detail in my upcoming documentary….

So stay tuned…

– Solo

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