It’s Lit!!!

LOGO (blk back)

After a few weeks of struggling with the world of web-design, this new site of mine is done and ready for the masses to take in! And I’m very excited about this new layout as it gives a more full rounded view of my portfolio, as well as a great platform for keeping everyone updated on the latest with the blog section.

You also may notice my fancy new Shot By Solo logo (designed by the talented Mr. Justin Main), and the new “Lee Solo” cursive-tag… both of which you’ll now see me using in various applications…

I have much more coming to the site very soon (including a store which will launch in July), but figured I’d get things going with what’s here, and mainly start showing off these photos I’ve been shooting the past 6-7 months while on a road trip across Canada and the States… Which I will start posting tomorrow!

So come on back to check for all these updates!

Much Love.

– Solo