Leah Daniels @ The Guinness World Record Event

As a former music producer, engineer, and occasional artist, I still have so much love and respect for that industry, along with heartfelt appreciation for anyone hustling to make it. All of that is exactly why I’m so impressed with my child hood friend, Kevin Ker and his long time run in the music scene, and now with his latest push to gain the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous live show! 16 days, for 24 hours a day, is no small feat, as organizing that many artists is just ridiculously crazy, trust me lol.

That all said, I had to stop by last week to show support at the show (being held at The Earl on Main Street Stoufville), along with catching an incredible performance from the amazing Miss Leah Daniels! She’s a super talented Country singer/songwriter, who I happen to have had the fortune of working with many years ago while still doing my music thing 😉

It was a great night, especially Leah’s yodelling, and watching history in the making! Check the captures I caught below, and stop by The Earl for the event!

– Solo